Simply Shrinking

I'm Natasha from England. I'm 22.
I have a heart condition so being healthy is important to me. I am doing this the healthy way and I aim to be healthy and toned, not "skinny".

Height: 5'11"/180cm
HW/SW: 235lbs/106.5kg
CW: 154.6lbs/70.13kg
Total Lost: 80.4lbs/36.47kg
Until UGW: 0lbs/0kg

myfitnesspal: simplyshrinking1
instagram: nkgage

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Anonymous asked: Hi! I took freshers off and drank and ate alot but I got back on track this week with eating clean and exercise but now I've come down with bloody freshers flu and don't want to take more time off but I have no choice! How can I prevent weight loss when I'm ill? I just want ice cream 24/7 to soothe my throat :(



I got it every bloody year!!!

Just stay hydrated and try to eat as best you can at your maintenance level. Your weight will normalise when you get back on track anyway and I highly doubt you’ll over eat enough to gain weight across one week. It will most likely be water weight