Simply Shrinking

I'm Natasha from England. I'm 21.
I have a heart condition so being healthy is important to me. I am doing this the healthy way and I aim to be healthy and toned, not "skinny".

Height: 5'11"/180cm
HW/SW: 235lbs/106.5kg
CW: 154.6lbs/70.13kg
Total Lost: 80.4lbs/36.47kg
Until UGW: 0lbs/0kg

myfitnesspal: simplyshrinking1
instagram: nkgage

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Anonymous asked: hey, i went down from 82kg to 73kg but now i cant seem to lose anymore weight, do you have any tips of what to do when you reach a situation like this?



Have a read up on weight loss plateaus. I increase my calorie intake, work harder during my workouts, find new workouts or use heavier weights.

It’s also better to measure yourself rather than weighing because you could be losing inches instead of numbers on the scale :)