Simply Shrinking

I'm Natasha from England. I'm 21.
I have a heart condition so being healthy is important to me. I am doing this the healthy way and I aim to be healthy and toned, not "skinny".

Height: 5'11"/180cm
HW/SW: 235lbs/106.5kg
CW: 154.6lbs/70.13kg
Total Lost: 80.4lbs/36.47kg
Until UGW: 0lbs/0kg

myfitnesspal: simplyshrinking1
instagram: nkgage

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Anonymous asked: Hey Natasha! I've been doing blogilates (the force of July calendar), should I be expecting any change in my body? Especially belly fat? I've been eating healthy and I run 5k once a week! I'm scared i haven't worked out enough or just not eating healthy enough



It’s only been a few weeks so you might not see huge changes yet so give it some more time. You can’t spot reduce an area so I can’t really say about belly fat. I would do more than one session of cardio a week though unless there’s enough in the July calendar (I haven’t looked and it’s also personal preference)


Anonymous asked: Hii, I was just wondering if you could share how the bikini guide works? How long each work out is, how many times a week, the intensity and such Thanks!



They’re like circuit workouts with cardio on top. The circuits are about 30 minutes in length and you also do cardio sessions (either high or low intensity). You end up working out like 4/5 times a week I think. You actually decide for yourself how often you workout which I like. It isn’t a definitive guide like “do this many reps, on this day, take this amount of time and then run this exact distance in this specific time”. It’s flexible and you can work it to your needs :)