Simply Shrinking

I'm Natasha from England. I'm 22.
I have a heart condition so being healthy is important to me. I am doing this the healthy way and I aim to be healthy and toned, not "skinny".

Height: 5'11"/180cm
HW/SW: 235lbs/106.5kg
CW: 154.6lbs/70.13kg
Total Lost: 80.4lbs/36.47kg
Until UGW: 0lbs/0kg

myfitnesspal: simplyshrinking1
instagram: nkgage

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I can’t imagine how confused non-British people on tumblr must be right now. Like, it’s the usual collection of Doctor Who and feminism and all of a sudden there’s a wave of people furious about baking and home made ice cream and a pensioner called Diana.


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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live with a special needs dog?

Here’s your answer :)

I love you so much for looking after your little doggy so perfectly!!!!

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Anonymous asked: Thank you for your help! I'll try the reward system as well. <3


It’s no problem whatsoever! Thank you very much for asking in the first place :)

Let me know how you get on?!




This was so devastating

Absolutely heartbreaking


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Anonymous asked: Thank you! I think I'll do you for one week and then shorter workouts after for a week or two until I feel like I can do more intense workouts. What are good rewards I could do for myself? I've never tried a reward system before


You could go for a manicure, watch your favourite movie, buy some new clothes, get a piercing?


Anonymous asked: Oooh what can you recommend for the best blender on a budget? xx


The Kenwood one is quite good. I think it’s called something “2 go” and also the Active Blend which I thiiiiink is Kenwood as well but I might be wrong!


Anonymous asked: I am really out of shape and I've been trying to get back in the groove of working out but every time I try I give up halfway through. Do you think it would be better to start with yoga for a week or so before I start doing serious exercise? I heard it can help get muscles used to stretching again. I've been inactive for so long I feel like going straight into it may be too difficult.


You could do that or just do shorter workouts but incorporate stretching in before and after :)

Or reward yourself when you complete the full workout


Anonymous asked: I don't really like vegetables, do you have any recipes for dishes that don't really taste like veggies and also don't require a lot of prep?


Smoothies! You can hide veggies in them with fruits so you don’t taste them :)


Anonymous asked: So I been doing a lot of core work outs and lately a noticed definition on the side of the tummy and in the middle, does that mean I'm lossin weight an toning in that area? Did that happen to you? When did you notice your tummy becoming toned? Sorry my tummy is my number one focus


You might not necessarily be losing fat in that area as you can’t spot reduce but you may be working the muscle. Maybe it’s also partly psychological?

I really don’t remember when I noticed my tummy changing as a whole!


Anonymous asked: Do you think waist trainers work ?