Simply Shrinking

I'm Natasha from England. I'm 22.
I have a heart condition so being healthy is important to me. I am doing this the healthy way and I aim to be healthy and toned, not "skinny".

Height: 5'11"/180cm
HW/SW: 235lbs/106.5kg
CW: 154.6lbs/70.13kg
Total Lost: 80.4lbs/36.47kg
Until UGW: 0lbs/0kg

myfitnesspal: simplyshrinking1
instagram: nkgage

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please make sure you take care of yourself

stay hydrated

nourish your body


listen to your body

you deserve to be healthy and happy

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Anonymous asked: Hi there :) I am a healthy weight for my height and I've recently begun working out simply to build muscle and be strong. However, I have disproportionately large breasts for my body size and I absolutely hate it. So is there any way to reduce breast size without having to lose weight? Any exercise I can do?



I don’t think there’s really much that you could do apart from lowering your body fat percentage and even then you don’t know if it will come from your breasts


Anonymous asked: How much weight did you lose initially doing the 30 day shred?


About 10lbs I think?


Anonymous asked: Can you explain calorie deficit as if I am a 3 year old


I read that “as I am a 3 year old” and got so confused haha

This is a really great explanation: